Snakeskin by Inspiration Mecca

Don't be shy and let Inspirational Mecca show you how to make Jungle Boa jeans you go to jeans as well. It is a great piece to spice up any simple outfit without having to put your brain to too much work. 

"I wear them a lot on my off days, pair them with solid colours, a casual cardigan and a big cozy scarf, and they become the highlight of a perfect day outfit with some added interest." -- Inspirational Mecca

What inspires Inspiration Mecca to inspire others:

"My motivating mantras are:  If you change your thoughts, you’ll change your world.  And, if you believe in your own magic, magical things can happen.  Honesty and compassion are probably  my best qualities.  I feel that a healthy dose of daily laughter really is the best medicine and one of the keys to  happy living and always feeling young at heart.  I believe in genuine, authentic connections with people, in meeting new people, in taking a risk, in seeing new places, in constantly learning and growing , and in striving to become your best self.  Most notably, I believe in the power of taking action to initiate big change, bringing you closer to everything you’ve ever wanted in life." --Joanna Kritikos

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