Hot Damn, Pink Betsy

"Elizabeth Manuntag is Vancouver-based blogger who is lover of frugal and affordable fashion. She started this blog after constantly wondering how much a particular outfit or piece of clothing cost on fashion blogs, and being asked how she manages to buy quality pieces on a budget. She loves to find the best bargains and sales, online and around the city. Never one to buy something at retail price (unless she absolutely must have it), this blog will document how to “style-save”: looking fashionable without spending a fortune."

Elizabeth has caught the heart of the IndigoPaper spirit. We want to provide quality at a bargin. 

The vintage inspired outfit is full of fun, attitue and style. Matched up with our coated stretch denim, Rapid Paula, for that slick leather look.

Check out her full blog post here:

Photography of these lovely photos goes to Alyssa Valcourt. You can visit her portfolio and other great photos via the below websites.

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