Glitter and Snap Indigopaper Looks Part I & II

Glitter and Snap is a Vancouver-based fashion blog combining outfit posts, cheap finds, DIY posts, interviews with local designers and fashion photography. It is co-authored by journalism graduates Marie Del Cid and Kayla Isomura.

Marie brings the glitter into Glitter and Snap. A total lover for culture and the arts, she is a multi-tasker and a fashionista. She has a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage trends.

Kayla is the snap to Glitter and Snap. She’s a self-described photo nerd and news junkie, often spending her time editing photos and running online media site. View more of Kayla’s work at

Glitter and Snap was able split our overdye colored denim into 2 different looks and did photoshoots in 2 different locations. 

View their full blog post here IndigoPaper jeans Part I and IndigoPaper Jeans Part II.

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