Posing in Vintage

It was lovely and exiciting to meet Vancouver fashion blogger Jasmine.
Here is a brief bio about her "I love expressing myself through the clothing I wear. Being heavily influenced by vintage fashion I source a lot of my one of a kind pieces from thrift stores and vintage boutiques. Clothing is the paint supplies I use to cover the canvass of life."

She brought a pair of her IndigoPaper jeans for her London trip. Take a look at how stylist she looks and these are her comments.

"I don't usually wear denim. But after trying these on, I was extremely impressed by the softness of the material, the beautiful pastel color and the way it hugs my shape."

"These jeans are so comfortable and soft, I may NEVER want to take them off."

Check out her full blog and get inspired by her great sense of fashion @ http://www.posinginvintage.com/2014/08/indigo-paper-jeans.html#.VAVs0vmSz4s

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