The Perfect Fit

This time we have had the pleasure of having Alicia Haque, a British writer and lifestyle blogger living in Vancouver, to put our Perfect Fit jeans to the test. 

As Alicia puts it, "I like my denim to be thin, but not too thin. I like the waistband to sit slightly higher than my hips, but not too high. I like the length to skim my ankle, nothing more, nothing less. I like the material to smooth over my lumps and bumps, lift my bum, hug my big hips but not squeeze in the wrong places."

I don't think I could have said it better myself, Alicia just described the ideal pair of jeans. If you also look for the same qualities as Alicia in jeans, then our Perfect Fit will be perfect for you.  

Alicia said, "I love these jeans as they elongate the legs, lift your bum and most importantly, give you that “I look pretty good in these” feeling. I don’t know about you, but when i’m searching for that perfect pair of jeans, that’s exactly what i’m looking for."

To read her full blog post and review, please visit her blog

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